Dare to Lead™️ Certified Leadership Workshop, Powell, WY Sept. 28 & 29, 2020

Two day leadership institute for educational leaders and teachers, based on the Dare to Lead™ international bestselling book by Brené Brown.

Dare to Lead™ is the ultimate playbook for creating brave leaders and courageous cultures. Daring Leadership is a collection of 4 skill sets that are 100% teachable. It’s learning and practice that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with our whole hearts. We will investigate the ways that these concepts can be applied in the classroom and our schools. We need to ensure that our classrooms and schools are safe places for learning, where we can take our armor off and be our most authentic and imperfect selves. 

Successful completion includes:

* Participation in the 16-hour Dare to Lead program

* Certificate of completion

* Dare to Lead Trained badge for a LinkedIn account.

The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets–rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust, and learning to rise–that are teachable, measurable, and observable. The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills through workshops, trainings, and coaching to help individuals, teams, and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership.

Further information is available at https://daretolead.brenebrown.com/. The Dare to Lead™ training combines videos, in-person facilitation, and exercises to train courageous, daring leaders.

The event is finished.


Sep 28 - 29 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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