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“If you want to ensure your time, effort, and investment in your own development will be well worth it, Jolene Lockwood delivers! She is an outstanding professional and wonderful person. You will be beyond pleased with all the actionable insights you'll gain from working with her!"

Dr. Jaqueline Hooper, Ph.D, PHR at Integrated Excellence Consulting LLC
“We have had a lot of success implementing Dare to Lead concepts into our regular leadership training. I have lead two groups of leaders through 8 week book studies. We have even incorporated having the various teams operationalize Blue’s values that will be used as a part of their annual performance review. Our leaders love the material and are craving more.”
Amber G. Rahn​, Culture and Organizational Development Manager - Blue Federal Credit Union
“Jolene Lockwood is a remarkably effective coach. Due to a lucky stroke of timing, I was fortunate to be able to join her facilitation of Brene Brown's Dare to Lead curriculum, virtually, on a 1:1 basis. Because it was 1:1, Jolene was able and willing to customize the course to my needs, focusing on high-priority areas, and applying the teachings to looming, real-life situations (I've no doubt that she'd give plenty of focused attention in group situations as well). Jolene combines a formidable career in education with a Cognitive Coaching approach—both of which make the learning sticky; what's more, she is a powerful listener who brings active and attentive presence to every conversation. As a result of this incredibly engaged process, I took away lifelong lessons on feedback, trust, empathy, vulnerability, courage, and leadership—all-new material that I will now use to lead my copywriting agency to triple our current size—while also finding deep-rooted joy and balance."
Jean Tang, CEO MarketSmiths

“I do believe after the training I have been more aware of my leadership and being brave.  I will say I need to keep visiting the information to get all the vocabulary words down. I don't remember a lot of the little sayings and so forth but my goal is to look at my book as much as possible to implement into my work.”

Jared Brinkerhoff, Assistant Superintendent - Buffalo Bill State Park

“Jolene I’d been meaning to write to you and then COVID19 hit Asia and life changed.  Our school is wrapping week 6 of virtual learning (students are not coming to school, whilst teachers are on campus collaboration and designing virtual learning experiences) and I don’t think I’ve ever been busier in my career.  It’s not so much the physical work, but the mental and emotional weight has us all at capacity. It’s been a difficult time.

More so than ever I find myself sharing Brene’s work and what I learned at the workshop.  It seems that every single day we are called to be courageous through vulnerability… there really is no other way to be right now.  I want to thank you for that and if I could, I’d thank Brene as well. "

Ceci Gomez-Galvez, Saigon South International School

“Dare To Lead training with Jolene Lockwood brought depth to our understanding. [of leadership]. It provided names for behaviors that exude from us unconsciously every day and brought us to consciousness.  From there the common stories and the shared language began to infiltrate our explanations and our understandings about who we are and how we react to situations and challenges.

Most importantly it gave us the tools to move from armored leadership to something more honest and powerful. The quality of those tools is such that we recognize them in use when we see them and feel their impact when they are implemented well.

We had fun during this professional learning journey and we were held securely and supported by Jolene as we navigated some personal stuff that isn’t easy to do.  

If you are a great leader, or not a leader at all, Dare To Lead will significantly enrich the way you experience leadership.”

Ezette Grauf, Academic Director - Heritage Xperiential Learning School

“Last year I was lucky enough, courtesy of a school I was consulting to attend a ‘Dare to Lead’ workshop led  by Jolene Flock-Lockwood. I’ve said many time’s since, it’s easily the best training I’ve done as it’s impacted not only my professional life but my personal too. This week I got the chance to really lean into my values as I facilitated Strategic Development planning for a client school. 

If you’re serious about getting school leaders to really challenge themselves to make a difference for their schools I’d highly recommend Jolene’s training."

Annie Natarajan, Flying Patang School Development Services


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